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Basic Solar System Trivia Questions II

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Jupiter - The red spot on the surface of Jupiter is actually a gigantic storm.Which of these planets is a gas giant? Mercury, Mars or Jupiter?

2 - Moons are often referred to as satellites.How many moons does Mars have?

Jupiter - These four moons were discovered by Galileo Galilei.Which planet do the moons Io, Europa, Callistro and Ganymede orbit?

Uranus - It takes about 84 years for this planet to orbit the sun.Which planet has eleven rings?

Uranus - Uranus has an atmosphere is made up of hydrogen methane and helium.Which is the only planet named after the Greek sky god?

Saturn - This means that a day on Saturn is only ten hours long.Which planet spins on its axis in ten hours?

Neptune - Pluto is a giant snowball. Temperatures are between -360 and -387 Fahrenheit.Which planet was named after the god of the underworld?

Neptune - There are four gas giants in the solar system.Which of these planets is a gas giant?

Venus - Venus orbits the sun in the opposite direction from all the other planets.Which planet is named after the goddess of love?

0 - Venus has no moons and no rings.How many moons does Venus have?

1 - The earth has only one moon.How many satellites does the earth have? (not manmade)

76 - Halley did not discover this comet; rather he calculated the time it took for the comet to make its journey. Approximately how many years does it take Halley’s Comet to make its full orbit?

The Big Dipper - The Big dipper is frequently referred to as Ursa Major. However there are differences between Ursa Major and the dipper.What do North Americans call the constellation "The Plough"?

The Milky Way - Edwin Hubble recognized that Andromeda was a separate galaxy in 1923.Our solar system is part of which galaxy?

Venus - Mercury is closer to the sun but the atmosphere on Venus makes it hotter.What is the hottest planet?

Jupiter - The other name for Jupiter is Zeus.Which planet is named after the King of the gods?

Neptune - Neptune is the Roman god of the sea, his Greek equivalent is Poseidon.Which planet is named after the god of the sea?

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