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2009 - This movie was listed as an action, fantasy and adventure film.In what year was the movie "Avatar" released?

a. 2009
b. 2007
c. 2005
d. 2011

James Cameron - James Cameron was born in Canada in 1954.Who wrote the screenplay for movie "Avatar"?

a. Andrew Stanton
b. George Lucas
c. Dean Devlin
d. James Cameron

Pandora - Pandora is supposed to be 4.37 light years away from Earth.Where is the movie set?

a. Io
b. Pandora
c. Capricorn
d. Tattooine

Exo-packs - Humans cannot breathe in the moon's atmosphere.What do humans have to wear while on Pandora?

a. Heavy parkas
b. Wet suits
c. Exo-packs
d. Radiation suits

Mining - The humans are trying to mine unobtainium.What are the humans doing on Pandora?

a. Mining
b. Getting water
c. Hunting
d. Farming

He's a paraplegic - Jake Scully is the main character in the movie.What is wrong with Jake Scully?

a. He's a paraplegic
b. He is a double amputee.
c. He's blind
d. He's deaf

Marine - Jake joins the program after his brother is killed.What branch of the military was Jake in?

a. Marine
b. Army
c. Navy
d. Air force

Hometrees - The Na'vi make their home in the tops of enormous trees.Where do the Na'vi live?

a. Caves
b. Underwater
c. The desert
d. Hometrees

Great leonopterynx - The last person to ride one of these creatures was Neytiri's great-great-grandfather.What kind of creature did Jake ride?

a. Stingbat
b. Great leonopterynx
c. Hexepede
d. Thanator

5 - Jake becomes the sixth Toruk Makto. A toruk is a Leonopteryx.How many people before Jake have been able to ride the animal that the Na'vi refer to as Toruk?

a. 0
b. 50
c. 5
d. Every male

3 m - The Na'vi have long tails and blue skin.How tall are the Na'vi?

a. 3 m
b. 7 m
c. 15 m
d. 1 m

Sigourney Weaver - Dr. Grace Augustine is a xenobotanist.Who plays the part of Grace?

a. Glenn Close
b. Helena Bonham Carter
c. Jane Seymour
d. Sigourney Weaver

Miles Quaritch - Miles has a series of scars on his face, which he got when he arrived on the planet.Who does Stephan Lang play?

a. Moat
b. Dr. Max Patel
c. Private Fike
d. Miles Quaritch

The human settlement - This is a slang term for the Resources Development Administration Extra-Solar Colony 01 (RDA ESC 01).On Pandora, what is Hell's Gate?

a. The planet's desert region
b. The home of the toruk
c. The area where the Na'vi live
d. The human settlement

Omaticaya clan - The Anurai were almost completely wiped out by humans.What is the name of the clan that Jake joins?

a. Omaticaya clan
b. Tipani clan
c. Anurai clan
d. Tawkami clan

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