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Detroit - The Detroit Free Press has received nine Pulitzer Prizes and four Emmy Awards.What city's two main papers are the Free Press and the News?

       a. Boston
       b. Chicago
       c. Detroit
       d. Atlanta

Billy Budd - Billy Budd was left unfinished when Herman Melville died in 1891 and not published until 1924. In the Herman Melville novel, he's an officer on the Bellipotent. In the Benjamin Britten opera based on the novel, he is an officer on the HMS Indomitable. Who is he?

       a. Moby Dick
       b. Billy Budd
       c. Long John Silver
       d. Captain Flint

Impressionism - In 1930, Ambroise commissioned Picaaso to produce a collection of 100 etchings, which later became known as the Vollard Suite.Art dealer Ambroise Vollard helped nurture which 19th-century art movement?

       a. Romanticism
       b. Baroque
       c. Impressionism
       d. Expressionism

Isaac Asimov - The first story Asimov ever sold was to Amazing Stories magazine in October 1939, entitled 'Marooned Off Vesta'.Who developed the three laws of robotics, as well as a zeroith law that says that a robot may not injure humanity or, through inaction, allow humanity to come to harm?

       a. Arthur C Clarke
       b. Ray Bradbury
       c. Isaac Asimov
       d. HG Wells

DH Lawrence - D. H. Lawrence published Lady Chatterley's Lover in 1928.Five years after he died in 1930, his widow had his body dug up in France and cremated. Unfortunately, her new boyfriend, Angelo Ravagli, dumped the ashes in Europe and replaced them with new ashes by the time he got back to Taos, New Mexico. Who was this dead writer?

       a. Norman Mailer
       b. Jack Kerouac
       c. DH Lawrence
       d. Truman Capote

Joy Adamson - Police determined that Joy's wounds were too sharp and bloodless to have been caused by a lion and concluded she had been murdered.What author of "Born Free" was initially believed to have been mauled to death by a lion?

       a. Joy Adamson
       b. Mary Leakey
       c. Jane Goodall
       d. Dian Fossey

John Wilkes Booth - He later assassinated President Abraham Lincoln on April 14, 1865.On November 9, 1863, the US president saw what actor at Ford's Theatre, where he played Raphael in The Marble Heart?

       a. John Wilkes Booth
       b. Henry Irving
       c. David Garrick
       d. Edmund Kean

Al Gore - Gore served as the 45th Vice President of the United States from 1993 to 2001, under President Bill 'I Didn't Inhale' Clinton.What defeated presidential candidate had written several books on environmental issues, including "Earth in the Balance - Ecology and the Human Spirit"?

       a. Bob Dole
       b. Ralph Nader
       c. Al Gore
       d. Michael Dukakis

Tribune - The Tribune is the eighth largest newspaper in the United States by circulation.Calling itself the "World's Greatest Newspaper", what is Chicago's largest newspaper called?

       a. Times
       b. Tribune
       c. Sun
       d. Post

Rubens - Near the end of his life, somewhere around 1638, Rubens painted a second version of the Massacre of the Innocents.In 2002, a German family discovered that "Massacre of the Innocents", a painting of Herod's murder of Jewish infants, was actually painted in about 1610 by whom?

       a. Rubens
       b. Rembrandt
       c. Michelangelo
       d. Raphael

Titian - Jacopo Strada died in Prague and is buried in the Church of St. Nicholas in the Mala Strana.Art dealer Jacopo Strada is best remembered now for the painting of him by which of his clients?

       a. Rafael
       b. Michelangelo
       c. Titian
       d. Caravaggio

Danielle Steel - As of 2012, Danielle is the fourth bestselling author of all time, with over 800 million copies of her books sold.What San Francisco romance writer's five husbands include a convicted bank robber/rapist, a heroin addict/burglar and a Silicon Valley investor?

       a. Nora Roberts
       b. Barbara Cartland
       c. Danielle Steel
       d. Barbara Taylor Bradford

To propose a law - A present active infinitive of rogo.Abrogate, prerogative and interrogate all come from the Latin root "rogare". What does this mean?

       a. To propose a law
       b. To exert a privilege
       c. To establish one's authority
       d. To ask a question

Andy Warhol - Andy coined the expression '15 minutes of fame'.The son of Czech immigrants, what artist was born in Pittsburgh in 1928?

       a. Roy Lichtenstein
       b. Andy Warhol
       c. Willem DeKooning
       d. Jackson Pollock

An uneducated lawyer - Ruggle based his play on a 1595 Italian comedy by Giambattista Della Porta entitled La Trappolaria.The original "Ignoramus" appeared in a satirical play by Cambridge University Professor George Ruggle. Who was he?

       a. An uneducated lawyer
       b. A court astrologer
       c. A tax collector
       d. An unwashed peasant

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