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Arts And Literature Trivia Questions III

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Maurice Ravel - But he thought it was 'a piece for orchestra without music'.His "Bolero", which builds over 15 minutes, became synonymous with sex after the release of the Bo Derek movie "10". Who?

       a. Maurice Ravel
       b. Aaron Copland
       c. Modest Mussorsky
       d. Hector Berlioz

Carrie - In one of the tunes, Carrie sings I'm Not Alone to her hairbrush.Betty Buckley was in the 1976 movie version of this book, as well as the disastrous 1988 Broadway musical version. What novel is this?

       a. The Stand
       b. The Shining
       c. Carrie
       d. Misery

Shrew - This is The Taming of the Shrew.Shakespeare wrote a play whose title required the domestication of what mouse-like insectivore?

       a. Mole
       b. Bat
       c. Shrew
       d. Anteater

HG Wells - It starred Guy Pierce and moved the action from Surrey in England to New York City.What author's great-grandson Simon directed the 2002 movie version of his 1895 novel "The Time Machine"?

       a. HG Wells
       b. Mark Twain
       c. Jules Verne
       d. Edgar Allan Poe

Sean O'Casey - Irish nationalists rioted because their flag was seen in the tavern used as the play's setting at Dublin's Abbey Theatre.Set during the 1916 Easter Rebellion, "The Plough and the Stars" provoked so much anarchy in 1926 that its playwright fled the country. Who was he?

       a. Sean O'Casey
       b. Henrik Ibsen
       c. Federico Garcia Lorca
       d. Jean Paul Sartre

Judy Chicago - She was born in Chicago.Born Judy Cohen, whose most famous project was The Dinner Party, a table set for 39 of history's great women?

       a. Judy Miami
       b. Judy Chicago
       c. Judy Dallas
       d. Judy Cleveland

Renzo Piano - He also worked on Osaka's Kansai International Airport.What architect worked on two of Europe's most exciting new buildings, the Georges Pompidou Centre in Paris and Potsdamer Platz in Berlin?

       a. Renzo Piccolo
       b. Renzo Clarinet
       c. Renzo Piano
       d. Renzo Viola

Bohemia - Bohemia has neither a desert nor a coastline, although Shakespeare may have meant Bithynia, in what is now Turkey.Although this Czech country is landlocked and has no deserts, a shepherd in "The Winter's Tale" finds a young princess in the desert there, after her ship has deposited her. Where is this?

       a. Bohemia
       b. Lombardy
       c. Savoy
       d. Pomerania

Caravaggio - To be specific, it seems he was trying to castrate Tomassoni in a fight over a hooker.Known for his gritty realism, what hot-tempered Italian painter killed Ranuccio Tomassoni after a tennis game and fled to Naples?

       a. Caravaggio
       b. Donatello
       c. Raphael
       d. Masaccio

Tennessee Williams - He left behind a play called In Masks Outrageous and Austere.What writer was beaten by five teenaged gay bashers in 1979, in Key West, and died in 1983 when he accidentally swallowed a bottle cap?

       a. Allen Ginsberg
       b. Tennessee Williams
       c. Truman Capote
       d. Gore Vidal

Theodore Sturgeon - He repeated the law in 1854 at the 11th World Science Fiction Convention in Philadelphia.What SF writer had a "law" named for him when he wrote back to a fan with the following? "Sure, ninety percent of science fiction is crud. That's because ninety percent of everything is crud".

       a. Theodore Sturgeon
       b. Paul Anderson
       c. Harry Harrison
       d. L. Sprague de Camp

Malcolm Gladwell - Pepsi's Aquafina Essentials was launched using ideas from The Tipping Point.If enough opinion leaders make a snap decision to buy my book "Blink", it may push sales from "Outliers" over "The Tipping Point." Who am I?

       a. Richard Florida
       b. Robert Putnam
       c. Malcolm Gladwell
       d. Thomas Frank

The Winter's Tale - Leontes has Antigonus abandon a baby in the desert, but when he does so, he is eaten by the bear. The baby is okay and gets married when the play flash forwards 16 years.In act 3, scene 3 of what play does Antigonus exit, pursued by a bear?

       a. The Winter's Tale
       b. Measure for Measure
       c. All's Well That Ends Well
       d. Troilus and Cressida

The Wizard of Oz - It is based on Gregory Maguire's novel of the same name.Produced by Universal Pictures, the Broadway musical "Wicked" fills in the back story of which story's witches?

       a. Macbeth
       b. The Wizard of Oz
       c. Sleeping Beauty
       d. Bewitched

Carousel - It is about Billy Bigelow's doomed love affair.Rogers and Hammerstein moved Ferenc Molnar's play "Liliom" from Budapest to New England, turning it into what musical?

       a. Carousel
       b. Brigadoon
       c. Show Boat
       d. State Fair

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