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A bird - The word gowk translates to mean a cuckoo. In Scotland, April Fool's Day is often called "Hunt the Gowk Day". What is a gowk?

a. A fairy
b. A witch
c. A bird
d. A wild pig

Sweden - People in Sweden play jokes on both April 1 and May 1."April, April, you stupid herring, I can fool you to wherever I want." In which country would the joker recite this to their victim?

a. France
b. Mexico
c. Canada
d. Sweden

General Hospital - General Hospital was created by Doris and Frank Hursley. What long-lived soap opera made its debut on the first of April 1963?

a. The Days of Our Lives
b. The Young and the Restless
c. General Hospital
d. Coronation Street

Mars - The price of the flight was listed at $99. The site stated the buyer would save 3 trillion dollars. As a prank in 2009, where did Expedia say travelers could go?

a. Mars
b. Orion's Belt
c. Pluto
d. The moon

Switzerland - This prank, created by the BBC showed farmers in Switzerland harvesting spaghetti off trees.One of the greatest pranks of all time was the Spaghetti Tree Prank. In which country were Spaghetti trees said to be growing?

a. Russia
b. Mexico
c. America
d. Switzerland

The Liberty Bell - Taco Bell claimed that they had bought the Bell to help pay off the national debt.In 1996, on April Fool's Day, what historical treasure did Taco Bell claim they had purchased?

a. The Statue of Liberty
b. The Liberty Bell
c. The Empire state building
d. The Declaration of Independence

Noon - This tradition is slowing losing favor and pranks are being carried out throughout the day.According to tradition, what time should all pranks cease?

a. Sunset
b. Midnight
c. Noon
d. 3pm

Fish - This symbol is used because the French often refer to this day as Poisson D'Avril.  In French, a poisson is a fish. The French often stick cutouts of what kind of creature onto people's backs on April first?

a. Pigs
b. Fish
c. Goats
d. Monkeys

Marvin Gaye - Marvin was shot by his father, with a revolver.Which famous celebrity was shot on April 1st, 1984?

a. Marvin Gaye
b. Sam Cooke
c. John Lennon
d. Akon

Hawaii - This tsunami killed 159 people. Many people on the Island thought the warning was an April Fool's Day joke. What island was hit by a tsunami on the First of April, 1946?

a. Sicily
b. Hawaii
c. Madagascar
d. Japan

Sizdah Bedar - The day is said to date back to the year 536 BC.The Iranians celebrate a day of pranks, on or about the First of April. What do they call this day of pranks?

a. Sizdah Bedar
b. Maj-Kat
c. Pesce D’Aprile
d. Prima Aprils

Canterbury Tales - Chaucer wrote this classic piece of work in 1392.Which of these novels has the earliest recorded association between foolishness and April First?

a. A Tale of Two Cities
b. Oliver Twist
c. A Midsummer's Night Dream
d. Canterbury Tales

Noah - The theory relates to Noah releasing the dove from the ark.  One theory states that the origin of April Fool's Day goes back to which biblical figure?

a. Noah
b. Judas
c. Moses
d. Cain

Georgian - This calendar, which was adopted in 1582, changed the date of the New Year to January First. People who forgot this change were mocked by their friends. Many believe that the origin of April Fools deals with the adoption of which new calendar?

a. Julian
b. Solar
c. Romanian
d. Georgian

Dishwasher - Josephine Cochrane is credited with inventing the dishwasher. The first public viewing of the appliance was at the World's Fair.Which handy kitchen appliance went on sale on the first of April, 1889?

a. Dishwasher
b. Blender
c. Toaster
d. Percolator

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