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Cure epilepsy - The blood of gladiators was so popular it was sold while still warm to spectators.What did the Ancient Romans believe gladiator blood would do?

a. Increase fertility
b. Cure epilepsy
c. Cure leprosy
d. Keep a person young

Gaius - Gaius Julius Caesar Augustus was known as Caligula, which means Little Boot.Which roman was known as Caligula?

a. Nero
b. Tiberius
c. Gaius
d. Brutus

64 AD - The emperor at the time was Nero.When did the great fire of Rome occur?

a. 740 BC
b. 320 BC
c. 111 AD
d. 64 AD

Molossus - This breed is now extinct, but it has many descendants including the Great Dane and The St. Bernard.What kind of dog did the Romans use in war?

a. Whippet
b. Bulldog
c. Molossus
d. Poodle

Coliseum - The Colosseum or Coliseum was the largest amphitheatre in the Roman Empire.Which ancient Roman building is referred to as the Flavian Amphitheatre?

a. Trajan’s Market
b. Coliseum
c. Servian Wall
d. Baths of Agrippa

Purple - The color purple was reserved for senators and emperors.In ancient Rome, what color was it treasonous to dress in completely?

a. Purple
b. Green
c. Yellow
d. Red

Poet - With more than 116 of his poems are still in existence today, Gaius works are still being read.What was Gaius Valerius Flaccus' occupation in ancient Rome?

a. Poet
b. General
c. Politician
d. Doctor

Hair dye - The most popular colors were blonde or red.What did the ancient Romans make with goat fat, saffron, henna and beech wood ashes?

a. Paint
b. Soap
c. Hair dye
d. Candles

To clean the body - The Romans did not have soap, so they used the strigil to clean away dirt, sweat and old skin.What was a strigil used for in ancient Rome?

a. A symbol of office
b. To carve marble
c. To clean the body
d. A writing tool

A women's dress or toga - Men were the only ones to wear togas. A woman would wear a stolas.In ancient Rome, what was a stolas?

a. A kind of column
b. A women's dress or toga
c. A type of pasta dish
d. A saddle

Caesar - As a result, Pompey and his party fled from Italy.Who crossed the Rubicon River and invaded Rome in 49 BC?

a. Gaius Marius
b. Caesar
c. Pompey
d. Octavian

50,000 - Building the coliseum required over 400,000 tonnes of stone.How many people could sit in the coliseum?

a. 35,000
b. 20,000
c. 75,000
d. 50,000

Laurel leaves - The roman leaders did not want to be compared to kings of the past, so they made their crowns different.What was an ancient roman crown made of?

a. Silk
b. Leather
c. Gold
d. Laurel leaves

Wolf - The brothers were suckled by a wolf and fed by a woodpecker.According to the Romans, what kind of animal saved Romulus and Remus?

a. Lion
b. Bear
c. Wolf
d. Gorilla

Wash clothes - The urine was actually collected from public bathhouses.What did the ancient Romans do with urine?

a. Wash clothes
b. Fertilizer their herb gardens
c. Mark their yard
d. Train their war dogs

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