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Euclid - Very few details are known about Euclid's life including when he was born, or when he died.Often referred to as the "Father of Geometry," who wrote the famous mathematical work "Elements"?

a. Plato
b. Socrates
c. Euclid
d. Pythagoras

Aphrodite - Aphrodite's Roman equivalent is the goddess Venus.Who was the Greek Goddess of love, pleasure and procreation?

a. Irene
b. Hymen
c. Demeter
d. Aphrodite

Hipparchus - Hipparchus was probably the first person to develop a reliable method to predict solar eclipses.Widely considered the founder of trigonometry, which Greek ruler was assassinated in 514?

a. Solon
b. Draco
c. Hippias
d. Hipparchus

Poetry - Hesiod was active between 750 and 650 BC.Sometimes credited as the first economist, what kind of works were written by Hesiod?

a. Romances
b. Poetry
c. Speeches
d. Plays

Hippocrates - Still used today, Hippocrates is credited with coining the Hippocratic Oath.Who, from Ancient Greece, is known as the "Father of Medicine"?

a. Hippocrates
b. Plato
c. Pythagoras
d. Tales

Phidias - The Statue of Zeus at Olympia was a giant seated figure that stood about 42 ft tall.One of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World, which sculptor sculpted the "Statue of Zeus at Olympia"?

a. Philos
b. Pheidippides
c. Phillipes
d. Phidias

Archimedes - Archimedes was killed by a Roman soldier during the Siege of Syracuse.Which Greek figure invented the principle that a body weighed less when immersed in water?

a. Aristotle
b. Archimedes
c. Socrates
d. Plato

Wisdom - Athena's Roman equivalent is Minerva.Daughter of Zeus, Athena was the Greek Goddess of what?

a. Birth
b. Marriage
c. Love
d. Wisdom

Tuscan - Tuscan is a primitive Italic architectural form.Which of the following was NOT a Greek order of architecture?

a. Doric
b. Corinthian
c. Ionic
d. Tuscan

Sparta - The Peloponnesian War marked an end to the golden age of Greece.Reshaping the ancient Greek world, whom did the Greeks fight in the Peloponnesian war?

a. Rome
b. France
c. Crete
d. Sparta

Music and Poetry - Apollo had a twin sister named Artemis.Son of Zeus and Leto, Apollo was the Greek God of what?

a. Music and Poetry
b. Life and Death
c. Home and Hearth
d. Love and Life

Homer - The Iliad contains 15,693 lines.Covering a few weeks in the final year of the Trojan War, who wrote "The Iliad"?

a. Homer
b. Cicero
c. Plato
d. Euripides

Hestia - Hestia was a virgin goddess of the hearth and architecture.Who was the Greek equivalent of the Roman God Vesta?

a. Hestia
b. Amphitrite
c. Hephaestus
d. Eos

776 - The Ancient Olympic Games were held every four years in Olympia, Greece.In what year (BC) were the first Olympic Games held?

a. 1776
b. 276
c. 776
d. 1276

Socrates - Plato is credited with creating the first institution of higher learning in the Western world.Plato was a pupil of which other leading Greek figure?

a. Aristotle
b. Socrates
c. Thespis
d. Aeschylus

Aeschylus - Oresteia is a trilogy of Greek tragedies.Often identified as the "Father of Tragedy," which Greek playwright wrote the "Oresteia" trilogy?

a. Thespis
b. Sophocles
c. Euripides
d. Aeschylus

Thales - Thales is also been heralded as the first true mathematician.Who is often recorded as the founder of Greek Philosophy?

a. Pythagoras
b. Plato
c. Thales
d. Aristotle

Polis - Polis literally means city in Greek.What is the Ancient Greek legal term used to describe the city and surrounding area?

a. Collis
b. Mollies
c. Trollies
d. Polis

Mycenaean - The Mycenaean civilization expired with the collapse of the Bronze-Age civilization in the eastern Mediterranean.What was the name of the first Greek civilization?

a. Achaeans
b. Tuscans
c. Dorian's
d. Mycenaean

Hecate - Hecate is most often shown holding two torches or a key.Who was the Greek God of Witchcraft and magic?

a. Hecate
b. Pan
c. Hebe
d. Ea

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