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Ancient Egypt Trivia Quiz II

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Howard Carter - On the 4th of November 1922, Carter found the steps to the tomb.Which of these people discovered the tomb of Tutankhamen?

a. Howard Carter
b. Richard Bradley
c. David Livingstone
d. Thomas Bateman

Ankhesenamun - Ankhesenamun was also Tut's half sister.Who did Tutankhamen marry?

a. Nefertiti
b. Bast
c. Cleopatra
d. Ankhesenamun

Ra - Shed was known as the savior.Which of these gods was a sun god?

a. Ra
b. Sokar
c. Shed
d. Petbe

Blue with gold stripes - The headdress was worn by the pharaohs.In ancient Egypt, what color was the Nemes Headdress?

a. Blue
b. Red
c. Red with blue stripes
d. Blue with gold stripes

Lion - It is believed to have been built by ancient Egyptians during the reign of the Pharaoh Khafra. The famous Great Sphinx of Giza has the head of a woman and the body of what?

a. Eagle
b. Bull
c. Hippo
d. Lion

Canopic - The canopic jar was used in the process of mummification.Which of these is not a crown worn by the ancient kings of Egypt?

a. Vulture
b. Uraeus
c. Canopic
d. Hedjet

Brain - There were normally four canopic jars.During the mummification procedure, which of these organs was not placed in a jar?

a. Lungs
b. Brain
c. Stomach
d. Intestines

Khufu - This pyramid is also known as the Great Pyramid of Giza.What is the name of the largest Pyramid in Egypt?

a. Sneferu
b. Menkaure
c. Djedfre
d. Khufu

Caesarion - Julius Caesar was the boy's father.Who was Cleopatra's son?

a. Anthony
b. Julius
c. Caesarion
d. Mark

Anuket - Bast is the cat god.Who was the ancient deity of the Nile?

a. Mafdet
b. Bast
c. Anuket
d. Ra

Goddess of marriage - Isis was the mother of Horus.Isis was the ancient Egyptian goddess of what?

a. Goddess of wisdom
b. The wandering child
c. Goddess of marriage
d. Goddess of the stars

The Afterlife - The Egyptians made extensive preparations for life after death including being buried with their possessions.Where did Egyptians believe they went after they died?

a. Eden
b. Utopia
c. The Afterlife
d. Hell

To ward off evil - The Egyptians believed that the make-up would keep evil spirits away and would prevent disease.Why did Egyptians wear eye make-up?

a. To ward off evil
b. To look good
c. As a sign of wealth
d. To protect against the sun's glare

Menes - Menes is also known as King Namer. After Menes came Zoser.Who is considered to be the first pharaoh of Egypt?

a. Ptolemy
b. Ramses
c. Amenhotep
d. Menes

Papyrus - Papyrus was a thick paper like material that was made from the fibres of the papyrus plant.What did Egyptians write on?

a. Papyrus
b. Jute
c. Birch bark
d. Linen

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