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American History Trivia Questions III

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John Kennedy - John Kennedy graduated from Harvard College with a Bachelors of Science in 1940.In his acceptance speech as the Democratic presidential nominee, who said, "We stand at the edge of a New Frontier ... the frontier of unfulfilled hopes and dreams"?

       a. John Kennedy
       b. George McGovern
       c. Lyndon Johnson
       d. Jimmy Carter

Eisenhower and Nixon - Julie Nixon married David Eisenhower in 1968.In 1968, a president's grandson married another president's daughter. Who were the two presidents?

       a. Eisenhower and Nixon
       b. Truman and Kennedy
       c. Johnson and Kennedy
       d. Roosevelt and Truman

A history of US lies about Vietnam - Daniel was awarded the Right Livelihood Award in 2006.What embarrassing details were in the Pentagon Papers that Rand Corporation analyst Daniel Ellsberg leaked to the New York Times?

       a. Nixon's links to Watergate
       b. Information about 9/11
       c. A history of US lies about Vietnam
       d. American plans for assassinating Castro

Dwight Eisenhower - Dwight was a five-star general in the United States Army during World War II.What president used his farewell address to warn America of "unwarranted influence, whether sought or unsought, by the military-industrial complex"?

       a. Franklin Roosevelt
       b. Dwight Eisenhower
       c. Woodrow Wilson
       d. George Washington

Nathan Hale - Nathan Hale appeared on US postage stamps issued from 1925 and 1929.Hanged in New York City by the British as a spy, whose last words were probably, "It is the duty of every good officer to obey any order given him by his commander-in-chief," not "I regret that I have but one life to give for my country"?

       a. Nathan Hale
       b. Ethan Allan
       c. Thomas Paine
       d. Patrick Henry

War of 1812 - The War of 1812 was a 32-month military conflict between the United States and the British Empire fought between June 18, 1812 and February 18, 1815.What US war ended with a treaty signed in Ghent, Belgium, that pretty much left everything exactly as it had been before the war began?

       a. War of 1812
       b. World War II
       c. World War I
       d. Vietnam War

Monticello - Monticello is located just outside Charlottesville, Virginia in the Piedmont region.Found opposite his bust on the nickel, what was the name of the 35-room house that Thomas Jefferson designed for himself?

       a. Monticello
       b. Mount Vernon
       c. Hermitage
       d. Hyde Park

Texas - Johnson was the 36th President of the United States from 1963 to 1969.In 1948, "Landslide Lyndon" Johnson won a Senate race in what state by a mere 87 votes, most of which he probably stole?

       a. Florida
       b. Arkansas
       c. Texas
       d. Georgia

Barry Goldwater - Goldwater was a five-term United States Senator from Arizona.In accepting his party's 1964 presidential nomination, who said, "Extremism in the defense of liberty is no vice" and "Moderation in the pursuit of justice is no virtue"?

       a. Barry Goldwater
       b. Ronald Reagan
       c. Bob Dole
       d. Richard Nixon

Great Society - Thanks, in part, to the program federal Aid to the poor rose from $9.9 billion in 1960 to $30 billion in 1968.Vowing to "end to poverty and racial injustice," Lyndon Johnson launched an expansive liberal agenda. What was that agenda called?

       a. Great Society
       b. New Frontier
       c. New Deal
       d. Square Deal

John Kennedy - Kennedy was a commander of the Motor Torpedo Boats PT-109 and PT-59 during World War II.What future president won a medal for his "courage, endurance and excellent leadership" after PT 109 was sunk by the Amigiri, a Japanese destroyer in the Solomon Islands?

       a. Lyndon Johnson
       b. John Kennedy
       c. George HW Bush
       d. Jimmy Carter

The governor of Texas - Connally questioned the single bullet theory of the assassination for the remainder of his life. John Connally, who was riding with JFK when he was killed, was also shot in the back. Who was he at the time?

       a. A security guard
       b. The driver
       c. The governor of Texas
       d. The mayor of Dallas

Carol Moseley-Braun - Moseley Braun was investigated by Federal Elections Commission investigation over $249,000 in unaccounted-for campaign funds in 1993.Elected in Illinois, what future US ambassador was the first black woman elected to the Senate?

       a. Carol Moseley-Braun
       b. Barbara Jordan
       c. Shirley Chisholm
       d. Maxine Waters

Captain Kidd - William Kidd buried treasure on the island in June 1699.Treasure hunters like digging up Gardiners Island, at the eastern end of Long Island, looking for which pirate's treasure?

       a. Captain Kidd
       b. Blackbeard
       c. Long John Silver
       d. Captain Hook

Lyndon Johnson - During his presidency, Johnson issued 1187 pardons and commutations.Who crushed Barry Goldwater and set a record by winning 61 percent of the votes cast in a presidential election?

       a. Lyndon Johnson
       b. Richard Nixon
       c. John Kennedy
       d. Jimmy Carter

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