Sea Monster Trivia

The Loch Ness Monster is no longer alone. All over the world more and more lake monsters are making their presence known. From China to Turkey to the interior of North America the claims of lake monster sightings are on the rise. And, what is more surprising is that not only are more people seeing strange lake creatures, the scientific community is no longer simply laughing these sights off. Research teams with very sophisticated equipment are investigating lake monsters all around the globe.

The Oceanographic Institute of Bergen is using recording equipment to investigate underwater sounds in Seljordsvatnet, Norway, where Selma makes her home.

Ogopogo was officially reported 80 years before the Loch Ness Monster.

Chesapeake Bay is home to Chessie. Reports say that Chessie is somewhere between 25 and 40 feet. She has a body that is similar to a snake. One theory suggests that Chessie is actually a manatee. A manatee is a marine mammal that is closely related to elephants. Continue reading

Love Potion Trivia

Witches, herbologists and alchemists have been creating and brewing love potions throughout the centuries. Almost every ancient culture and even religion has had their own version of the love potion.

Love potions may be made with the intent of having someone specific fall madly in love with you, or they may be made to make you more appealing to the opposite sex in general. Your goal may be to ensure that the person you are currently with stays faithful or you may be trying to rekindle an old romance. The reason for the potion is just as important as the potion itself. There are different potions, talismans and recipes for all of these desires but you have to be certain exactly what it is that you want the potion to do for you.

All of the potions, here are made of herbs and simple ingredients. Most of the ingredients are probably in your kitchen right now. They are not evil or satanic. None of these tonics dangerous. Regardless of your religious beliefs you may want to give one of these a try. Continue reading

Witchcraft & Witch Trivia

pentagramWicca is a new religion. Although many of the characteristic and practices date back for hundreds of years the laws and ethics of the religion only date back as far as the early part of the 20th century. Many people believe that Wicca is synonymous with witchcraft, that is not exactly true. Practitioners of Wicca do consider themselves to be witches, but not all witches practice Wicca. There are some witches who still believe and practice more ancient druidic rituals.

Wicca is a growing religion and by that I do not just refer to the number of people who are practitioners. The laws, tenants and moral codes vary greatly between witches and their covens. There are many different versions of the laws, spells and rituals.

Wicca is a modern version of witchcraft. It is also called The Craft or Witchcraft. Wicca is a recognized religion in the United States.

Practitioners of Wicca celebrate four major Sabbats, Candlemass, May Eve, Lammas and Halloween. They also celebrate four minor festivals which are known as the lesser Sabbats. The lesser Sabbats are Yuletide, Ostara, Litha and Mabon. Continue reading

Energy Potion Trivia

Many people are often dissatisfied, with their lives. Some people wish they had more money, while others are seeking fame. There are still others who want the love of a particular individual, or those who want to have better health. If you asked someone how would they change, or improve their life, you would get as many different answers as there are people. I doubt you would ever encounter anyone who would say that they are perfectly happy with things the way they are.

If you are looking for a way to improve your life why not try a little magic? You do not have to be a witch or a wiccan to give this spell a try. Nor to you have to compromise any other beliefs that you may have.  This spell is not evil and it will not open gateways to the devil, or hell. Nor, does it allow evil spirits to enter your soul or your home. You might even want to consider it, to be more along the lines of a holistic approach to a problem.

This simple potion is to help you increase your popularity. You will no longer be the person in the background, it will allow you to move into the spot light. It will help you be recognized both at work and in your personal life. If you really want to gain some fame and recognition, give it a try. Continue reading

Candle Color Trivia

burning candlesCandles are often used in religious ceremonies and practices. In some philosophies and disciplines candles are used to help a person focus and meditate. Candles are also used quite frequently by people who practice aromatherapy techniques. For some people candles are simply a way of relaxing. Who can deny that a meal enjoyed by candle light is much more romantic than one under the glare of a light bulb.

If you are a user of candles you might want to explore a little more about the color of candles and their meanings. Candles are also said to be closely linked to the zodiac.

Red Candles are for love, fertility, health, passion, courage and strength. When red candles are used in ceremonies, magnetism is increased.
Zodiac, Aries, Leo, Capricorn and Scorpio

Yellow Candles are for unity, activity and creativity. When they are burned during ceremonies they help increase the power of concentration and imagination. They are also said to help gain people’s confidence and can be used as persuasion instruments.
Zodiac, Virgo and Taurus Continue reading

Candle Trivia

burning candle

Candles have drastically changed over the years. In past times candles were more functional than decorative. The most common candles were made right in the home and often used as the primary light source. They were made from tallow, were an off white color and would burn with a lot of smoke. Today’s candles are colorful, scented and decorative. They are made from numerous different materials which provide not only beauty but wonderful aromas.

Chinese Proverb
It is better to light a candle
then to curse the darkness

– People who are buying candles for their home use three main factors when making their selection. Their first consideration is fragrance, shape and color are a far distant second.

– Americans spend close to 2 billion dollars every year on candles.

– Candles have been used as clocks by many different cultures. Candles were an effective way of keeping time on a cloudy day or at night.

– In India, temples would make candles from cinnamon. They would boil the cinnamon and extract the wax.

Continue reading