David Bowie Trivia

David Bowie is definitely one of the most original and unique characters in the world of Rock and Roll. His career has spanned decades and he has been an innovator and a leader in all of them. David is considered by many to be one of the all time greatest pop musicians. His talents are not limited to the stage. David is also an accomplished actor, producer, and arranger.

David Bowie was born on the 8th of January 1947  in London, England. His birth name was David Robert Jones. To avoid being confused with Davy Jones, he changed his name to David Bowie in 1966.

David Bowie can play a large assortment of different instruments. He plays, keyboards, saxophone, drums, guitar,  and numerous others.

David is five feet ten inches tall and has blue eyes. When David was 15 he was punched in the face, by George Underwood. The result of this punch was permanent damage to his left eye. The pupil in his left eye is permanently dilated, which gives him the appearance of having two different colored eyes. This injury affects both his depth perception and his ability to see colors. Continue reading

Mick Jagger Trivia

Mick Jagger is one of the most recognized faces in the world of Rock and Roll and is often portrayed as being one of the really bad boys of the music scene. While, it is true that Mick is certainly no Saint, he is not nearly as bad as the media presents him to be. Regardless of all the bad publicity Mick has received over the years, there can be no denying his, and the Rolling Stones’, contributions to the world of Rock and Roll.

Mick and the Rolling Stones have won many awards and received various tributes throughout the years. Not only was Mick  knighted in 2003 by Prince Charles but he was also inducted into the Song Writers Hall of fame in 1993. Continue reading

How many children are in the Von Trapp family in the film The Sound of Music?

In the film, the family had seven children. The children were Lisel, Louisa, Fredrich, Kurt, Brigitta, Marta and Gretl. The story is about Maria, a novice from a nearby convent that is recruited to become the family’s governess. The movie is loosely based on the real story of the Von Trapp family.

This movie debuted in 1965 and starred Julie Andrews, Christopher Plummer, Peggy Wood and Richard Haydn. This Oscar written film was directed by Robert Wise. The film was written by Russel Crouse and Howard Lindsay and the music was written and composed by the team of Rodgers and Hammerstein.

The Sound of Music won five Oscars, best director, best picture, best sound, best film editing and best music score. Additionally, it was nominated for five others. Continue reading

Labyrinth Movie Trivia

Labyrinth is an imaginative fantasy film that was released in1986. The movie was directed by legendary puppeteer Jim Hensen. It was produced by George Lucas and stars David Bowie and a cast of Hensen’s famous Muppets.

The film was written by Jim Hensen, Elaine May, Dennis Lee and Terry Jones. Elaine May is not only a writer but an actress and director. She was nominated for an Oscar for her work on the film Heaven Can Wait. Dennis Lee, is an award winning, Canadian children’s author. He was also one of the writers for the television series Fraggle Rock. Terry Jones, is best known for his years as a member of the British comedy team Monty Python. Continue reading