Witchcraft & Witch Trivia

pentagramWicca is a new religion. Although many of the characteristic and practices date back for hundreds of years the laws and ethics of the religion only date back as far as the early part of the 20th century. Many people believe that Wicca is synonymous with witchcraft, that is not exactly true. Practitioners of Wicca do consider themselves to be witches, but not all witches practice Wicca. There are some witches who still believe and practice more ancient druidic rituals.

Wicca is a growing religion and by that I do not just refer to the number of people who are practitioners. The laws, tenants and moral codes vary greatly between witches and their covens. There are many different versions of the laws, spells and rituals.

Wicca is a modern version of witchcraft. It is also called The Craft or Witchcraft. Wicca is a recognized religion in the United States.

Practitioners of Wicca celebrate four major Sabbats, Candlemass, May Eve, Lammas and Halloween. They also celebrate four minor festivals which are known as the lesser Sabbats. The lesser Sabbats are Yuletide, Ostara, Litha and Mabon. Continue reading