Halloween Trivia

Halloween BatsHalloween is celebrated on the 31st of October. Halloween is actually a short form for the name, All Hallow’s Eve. 

In Canada and the US, Halloween is celebrated by wearing costumes and trick or treating. Many of the traditions and games associated with Halloween come from Ireland, Germany and England. Popular Halloween traditions also stem from both pagan and christian beliefs.

The colors of Halloween are black and orange.

Seeing a spider on Halloween is said to be very lucky. A spider on this day is believed to be the spirit of a loved one watching you.

Every year in the US, about two billion dollars worth of candy is purchased for Halloween. Halloween candy is given out as part of trick or treating. Children dressed in costumes go from door to door, saying the words trick or treat. According to custom if a person gives a treat to the child, the child will go to the next house but if they do not give a treat, the home owner  may discover that a prank or trick has been played on them.

On Halloween if you want to meet a witch, you have to wear your clothes inside out and walk backwards.
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Candle Trivia

burning candle

Candles have drastically changed over the years. In past times candles were more functional than decorative. The most common candles were made right in the home and often used as the primary light source. They were made from tallow, were an off white color and would burn with a lot of smoke. Today’s candles are colorful, scented and decorative. They are made from numerous different materials which provide not only beauty but wonderful aromas.

Chinese Proverb
It is better to light a candle
then to curse the darkness

– People who are buying candles for their home use three main factors when making their selection. Their first consideration is fragrance, shape and color are a far distant second.

– Americans spend close to 2 billion dollars every year on candles.

– Candles have been used as clocks by many different cultures. Candles were an effective way of keeping time on a cloudy day or at night.

– In India, temples would make candles from cinnamon. They would boil the cinnamon and extract the wax.

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