More Sports Trophy Trivia

silver trophyThe FIFA World Cup Trophy

Every four years FIFA holds its famous world cup. The winner of this event is presented with the FIFA World Cup. This cup has been awarded since 1974. Prior to 1974 the winner was given the Rimet World Cup. This trophy was awarded from 1930 until 1970. It had organically been called “Victory” but the name was changed to honor Jules Rimet the former President of FIFA.

The Rimet trophy was made of lapis lazuli and gold plated sterling silver. The trophy was of the goddess Nike, who is known as the winged goddess of victory. It had to be replaced after Brazil won it for the third time in 1970,  since according to FIFA any team that won the trophy three times would win the trophy outright. Sadly, the trophy was stolen in 1983 while it was on display in the Brazilian Football Confederation Headquarters. Although four men were convicted of the theft, the trophy was never recovered. In 1984 a replica of the trophy was made and presented to the President of Brazil. Continue reading