Shark Trivia

An unthinking, savage killing machine, a predator who has roamed the seas unchanged and unchallenged for hundreds of years, that is how Hollywood would have us think of the shark. Films have portrayed this creature as something to be feared and hunted. Certainly, as the top of the food chain, a shark is deserving of respect but it is also deserving of understanding. The more we learn about these fish, the better we will be able to move and function in their world.

Jacques Cousteau once said that the most dangerous kind of shark was the white tipped shark. Jacques claimed that the white tipped shark was “the only species of shark that is never frightened by the approach of a diver, and they are the most dangerous of all sharks.”

You are more likely to be hit by lightening than get bitten by a shark.

Other experts have argued that the tiger shark is the most dangerous kind of shark on the planet. They are responsible for more unprovoked attacks than any other type of shark.

Sharks are found in all the oceans of the world. They have been found at depths of over 9 000 feet.
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