Arctic Wolf Trivia

acrtic wolf on a rockThe Arctic is no place for the weak. In this harsh and often cruel environment only the strongest will survive. One of the few animals that calls this forbidden land home is the arctic wolf. Often called the white wolf or the tundra wolf this magnificent animal is well suited to living in the north.

Arctic wolves can go for weeks without food.

Predators in the north cannot afford to be choosey. Prey is often scarce and meals are often infrequent and small. Arctic wolves will hunt almost anything in the north. They will hunt and eat, arctic hare, lemmings, birds, and caribou. Musk ox and seals have also been to known to become a meal for a hungry wolf pack.

Wolves will often following the migrating caribou herds.

Wolves eat all of the kill including the bones. The alpha male always eats first and then stands guard while the alpha female has her meal.

The arctic wolf can survive in sub zero temperatures for months on end. They are also accustomed to the long dark winter months. Continue reading