Science Trivia

chemistry labScience is truly wonderful. Thanks to science we have travelled to the moon and back, we have sent probes into deep space that will reach the outer limits of our solar system. Science has given us ways of communicating with people all over in the world in just fractions of a second. It has enabled us to understand and eliminate many diseases. However, there is the other part of science, the strange, the weird and the just plain odd experiments that really make you wonder.

One such strange study was done by the Institute of Coastal Research in Sweden. Their study involved listening to the sounds that herrings make. More specifically, actual herring farts. Yes, they were listening and recording herring farts.

Belly button lint (BBL) was the subject of another research project. Some of the final conclusions of the study were that males have more BBL than females and older hairy males had more BBL than their younger counter parts. The study was also able to conclude that people who had outies had virtually little or no lint. They also determined that the color of the lint had a direct relationship to the color of clothing worn by the person.

One study compared the distance that a dog flea can jump vs. the distance that a cat flea can jump. Continue reading