Stonehenge Trivia

stonehengeStonehenge is one of the world’s oldest mysteries. Why was this huge monument built? Was it a simply a burial mound? Was it built perform rituals and ceremonies, as the alter stone suggests? It is perfectly aligned to match the mid summer solstice, Why? Was it used as an observatory or part of an astronomy festival. And just as mysterious, how was it built? These riddles are still puzzling the world’s best scholars today. And, while the mystery remains thousands flock every year to visit this incredible wonder of the Neolithic and bronze age.

Stonehenge is owned by the crown, but. the land around Stonehenge is owned by the National Trust. Management of Stonehenge is handled by the English Heritage. Millions of tourists every year visit Stonehenge.

Stonehenge is without a doubt the most famous of Britain’s stone circles but it is by no means the only one. Over 1000 different stone circles are known to exist in Britain and other parts of Western Europe. Avebury, Arbor Low, Long Meg and her Daughters are among the more well known circles.

Stonehenge was constructed during the Neolithic and bronze age. Continue reading