Snowy Owl Trivia

One of the most recognizable birds in the world is the snowy owl. Their white plumage and yellow eyes are very unique and distinctive. Snowy owls are among the few birds that make the north their year round home. These majestic birds have been used on currency and stamps throughout the world. They have also made their way into fiction and into popular culture.

They are probably the most powerful of all the owls.

The snowy owl is also known as the great white owl or the arctic owl.

A fully grown snowy owl can have a wing span of 125 to 150 cm. They stand about 50 to 63 cm in height, and weigh between 40 60 oz (1100g to 1600g). Wild owls will live an average of 9 years whereas captive owls have been known to live for 35 years.

The snowy owl is the official provincial bird of Quebec. These birds are protected in Canada. Continue reading