Psychic FreeNet allows you to take a friend to a FREE online psychic site where Julie the online psychic knows all the answers to every question that both of you ask! There will be no stumping her as long as you are at the keyboard. Should your friend decide that they would like a chance at the keyboard, Julie will know that you and your friend have switched places and she will politely tell your friend that she cannot make a connection with them.

Gag Details

To play this gag on a friend, you need to know the following ...

Once you traverse the opening screens (which help to convince your friend that you are at a real online psychic site) and get to where Julie the online psychic is, type in the answers to whatever questions you are asking with your friend using the secret key "/" (forward slash). On the screen it will appear as if you're typing to Julie herself.

For example:

Let's say that the answer to your question is "Jane is 16", you would do the following:

1> Start your question for Julie by pressing the secret "/" key.
2> Type in "Jane is 16" and follow it with the "/" key (to let the program know it's the end of the answer).

As you are typing in the answer "/Jane is 16/" the screen will display the following for each letter you typed:

"/Jane is 16/" will display as "Julie please"

After pressing the last "/" simply continue the sentence to have it look like you're asking a legit question.

"Julie please" tell me my friend's name and age?


You have a total of 20 characters for any answer that you wish Julie to display as her response (including the slashes). The complete automated sentence is as follows (which you must be prepared to carry-on from the point where your answer input stops):

Julie please tell me

Should your friend sit at the keyboard and begin asking questions (secret key not used ), Julie will state that someone new is now asking the questions and she is having problems making a connection. After a couple tries where the secret keys are not used, she will go offline.

The concept is fairly simple. If I have not been clear, play with the program for a couple minutes and you'll get the idea.

Have fun! I know I had fun putting it together!